Dylan Hart Photography




I offer a variety of photographic services to suit your needs. The following is a list of my most common services. Please contact me directly to discuss your specific needs and concerns. When I am hired as your photographer/cinematographer, expect your event or project to be as important to me as it is to you. I do not overbook myself or have the luxury of providing mediocre work. This allows me to better serve my clients and give them more of my own personal time and creativity.

SOCIAL EVENTS: Weddings, bar-mitzvahs, reunions, plus anything you can think of. (This could also include journalistic endeavors, ie; community fund-raisers)

PORTRAITURE: Children, pets, seniors, business photos, and more.

MARKETING: Business promotion including product photography and stock images for websites, brochures, etc.

SPORTS: Teams, athletes, hobbyists. I specialize in extreme sports, and am well-versed in following around professional athletes in their own environments. Be your own professional athlete through my documentation.

PACKAGES AND SPECIAL PROJECTS: I have a strong network of professional freelance artists that have agreed to work together should our clients needs exceed our own resources. Should you need any HD video/post-production work, specialized website marketing, or an extra photographer, our network of experienced artists are available to serve you.


Hourly Rate: $50 per hour shooting, $35 per hour for editing time.


Comprehensive Creative Fee: Details documented before project, prices based on workload.